Mar 28, 2010

Festival Neo-Voice #1

Makigami, along with voice performer Tenko, produces a music festival called "Festival Neo-Voice", which are held on March 29-31 2010 at Aoyama Round Theater, Tokyo. It is an ambitious undertaking indeed, even for Makigami.

The festival focuses on the possibility of human voice expression. The day 1 is a series of unaccompanied solo acts of top voice performers from Japan. Also, Haino Keiji, the king of Japanese underground music, will perform a completely unaccompanied voice solo set. It is probably the first time for him and he has been active in music since late 1960s. The day 2 is devoted to Bolot Bairyshev, a popular singer from Altai Republic. He will sing Altaian epic narrative songs called Kai. And the day 3 is the great Japanese songbook concert of Makigami, with the augmented Hikashu.

March 29
"Solo Voice Performances"
Tenko, Saga Yuki, Haino Keiji, Hachiya Maki, Makigami Koichi, Yoshida Ami
opening act: Voice Movie by Suzuki Mikiko, Tokuhisa William, Akira Sanematsu and Hiyama Yuko
open and start at 18:30
advance 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen

March 30
"Altaian Epic Narrative Songs "
Bolot Bairyshev, voice
Umezu Kazutoki, bass clarinet
Sato Masaharu, percussion
opening act: Symphonical Sound Poem Khoomei by Yamakawa Fuyuki with Chakurupa Khoomei, conducted by Makigami Koichi
open and start at 18:30
advance 4,500 yen - at door 5,000 yen

March 31
"The Great Japanese Songs Recital"
Makigami Koichi, vocal
Sato Yoshiaki, accordion
Shika Udai, cello
Mita Freeman, guitar
Shimizu Kazuto, piano and bass clarinet
Sakaide Masami, bass
Sato Masaharu, drums
Special guest - Ohtaka Shizuru, vocal
opening act: Voice Opera by Fujie Hideya, Ihoda Takako, Sadamori Yuko, Hoino, and Tenko
open and start at 18:30
advance 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen

venue: Aoyama Round Theater

This is surely not to be missed.

Bolot Barishev from Altai

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