Mar 29, 2010

small gig, kyushu tour and some modification

On April 25th, Hikashu will perform at Airegin, a small jazz house in Yokohama. It is a 30+ minutes ride from central Tokyo by train, and seeing them in such a situation is truly a rare treat, so not to be missed. The capacity are strictly limited so the reservation is recommended. Call Airegin at 045-641-9191. Probably they don't understand English so ask your Japanese friends for help.

I also added some live dates in Live Schedule page. Hikashu will tour the northern part of the Kyushu island on coming June. It's been quite a while since they hitted the island last time.

Also, regarding in-print titles, I putted some links to HMV Japan (in English mode) in Discography page. mechanicoid commented on this blog that he buys Hikashu disc from them and I found their service is convenient for foreign audiences. Thanks mechanicoid.


  1. i can confirm that!I bought all the reissues from hmv japan.The 1978 cd is a mindfuck.

    Bob Greece

  2. Thank you for commenting and glad you have the cd. I just posted an entry about the 1978 album. Hope you like it.