Aug 19, 2010

Every Package Is Unique

On August 20, the reissue of "Watashi No Tanoshimi" ("My Pleasure") will be finally out. There is something unique about the release so here I will explain it.

First of all, there is no identical package about the release. The reissue reproduced the stamped cover of the original. The stamps were affixed on cardboard jacket by hand work so there are no identical copies of each package.

And there is two kind of the disc itself. One featured a picture of planet earth on its label and the other is the moon. And you cannot distinguish which one is inside, from the package. Even the matrix number is the same. So you have to open the seal to find out the picture of the disc inside.

Initially, there would have been one kind of the disc, and it would have been one of the first double-sided picture cd, just as the original. The original vinyl release was a picture disc; side A featured a photo of planet earth, and side B was the moon. The former was called Earth Side and the latter Moon Side, and it is planned that the reissue is to reproduce it exactly.

It seemed to be difficult to print anything on the readable surface of compact disc because it may interrupt picking up the laser signal.

Actually, it is possible now, thanks to the advancement of technology. But quality-wise, there must be still some problems. Because apparently the band tried it but not satisfied with the result. So they decided to abolish the idea and take a different approach.

Anyway, it is minor problem and the fact remains that this release is a must-have for fans; Two unreleased bonus-tracks are added, some tracks are restored in full form which originally edited down in the vinyl due to the physical limitation, and the sound itself is entirely remastered from the original 1/4 master tape with 5.6MHz DSD technology and significantly improved. And in the first place, picture vinyl has generally not the best sound quality.

There are some interesting facts about the album. Fortunately, the reissue comes with the long interview of Makigami and Inoue as a liner note and it is very informative. Based on it, I plan to write an another entry about the album anytime soon.

HMV Japan now accepts pre-order worldwide. See here for details.

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