Aug 29, 2010

32 years ago today

On August 29 1978, Hikashu made a stage debut at Raoya, a free jazz joint in Kichijoji.

Having spent a month to rehearse, the quintet took on stage and played some originals including "20th Century" "Losing My Future" and "Weeping For The Earth" (an unreleased composition written by Mitama). They also played covers of Devo and Kraftwerk.

Shortly after that, Raoya renovated itself as a restaurant of indian cuisine which offered live ethnic music, under the management of Wakabayashi Tadahiro (profile). Wakabayashi was a friend of the band, a member of the first Hikashu (later called Pre-Hikashu; I plan to write an entry about it) and actually he played a sitar on Hikashu's first album. He later became an authority and renowned educator in ethnic musical instruments. Raoya is sadly now defunct, closed circa 2000.

Having encouraged by positive reactions, the band went on to make a demo tape, which was later released as "1978".

According to the liner note of the 1978 album, Makigami still have the recording of the gig. Maybe someday it will see the light of day. We can only hope.

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