Aug 14, 2010

Shimizu Kazuto and AREPOS

As reported here earlier, this year Hikashu has started a concert series entitled "Another World of Hikashu." It is a showcase event which aim is to introduce the member's solo activities to the Hikashu audience. The concert #4 is coming next Wednesday and it is a turn of Shimizu Kazuto.

Shimizu started his career as a support member of Shingetsu, a progressive rock band, in late 1970s. Around the time he also participated in sessions of free jazz musicians like Takayanagi Masayuki. After then, he played with the bands like Chakra, Killing Time, OU, Shakushain, Semba Kiyohiko Group et al. Also, he has been active as a composer and session musician.

In 1990, he released a solo album "yet somehow..." which is reissued last year and now available worldwide via HMV Japan (the product information page is here).

Here are some of the groups he currently involved as a regular: Precambrian Clarinet Quartet, the Sleepwalkers and Shin-Okubo Gentlemen. He joined Hikashu in 2003.

AREPOS is a group which Shimizu formed with vocalist Reichi in 1988. Its name is after a latin palindrome, SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS (wikipedia).


Anton Webern, the composer, had some peculiar obsession with the phrase and it is inscribed on his gravestone. (See here for details).

The music of AREPOS is just beautiful music with beautiful singing, with twists of their own. Although Shimizu is a multi-instrumentalist and Reichi is also a transcendent drummer, as for AREPOS, they concentrate on piano and vocal, respectively. They have released four albums; AREPOS (1989), Kokodake No Hanashi (1995), Aoi Flask (1999) and other Colours (2005).

Please note: Spiral Hall, which houses CAY, now closed until August 15, so if you make a call, wait until the day after tomorrow.

Another World Of Hikashu #4: AREPOS
Shimizu Kazuto (piano), Reichi (vocal)
with guest, Sato Masaharu (percussion)
August 18, 2010
@ Aoyama Cay
open 19:00, start 20:00
advance 3,500 yen - at door 4,000 yen
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Aoyama CAY

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