Oct 4, 2010

Jam-Jam New-Wave '80

Recently the excerpt from a TV-program "Jam-Jam New-Wave '80" was uploaded at YouTube. It was recorded live on February 25, 1980 at Science Museum, Tokyo. Hikashu performed "At the End of the 20th Century" and then-unreleased "Shiroi Highway" (Unfortunately, Yamashita was invisible throughout the performance). After a short skit, Plastics followed, playing "Digital Watch" and "Delicious." The latter was mistakenly credited as "Top Agent Man."

"Shiroi Highway" ["White Highway"] was Hikashu's 2nd single, backed with "Puyo Puyo," released in March 1980. It was also used for TV advertisement of in-car audio system of Clarion.

The song has an interesting episode. Demanding a catchy tune for single, Toshiba-EMI immured Makigami and Mitama at a meeting room of the company's building. Struggling for a while, they squeezed out a tune, which was "Shiroi Highway".

Shiroi Highway PV

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