Oct 19, 2010

Makigami Koichi - Tokyo Taiga (2010)

Makigami Koichi - Tokyo Taiga

1. Ano Sora
2. Chakanzirme
3. Tsumuji
4. Kak Paporotnik
5. Tundra
6. Chadaae Ba
7. Yume (Dream)
8. Makkoto
9. Bolor
10. Tokyo Taiga
11. Alkysh

1, 8 - Makigami
2, 7, 11 - Bairyshev
3 - Makigami, Sato
4, 6, 9, 10 - Makigami, Bairyshev, Sato
5 - Bairyshev, Makigami

Makigami Koichi - vocals, cornet, theremin, slike kubis
Bolot Bairyshev - vocals, altai traditional kai, topshuur, shoor, khomus
Sato Masaharu - percussion, khaen, voice
Shika Udai - cello on 5

Recorded in December 2007
Released in May 2010 on Tzadik label

Although the album is credited as Makigami solo, it is actually the first effort of the group called AЯ. AЯ is a trio of Makigami, Bolot Bairyshev from Aitai (wikipedia), and Sato Masaharu on percussion and voice.

It represents Алтай (Altai) and Япония (Japan). Also, in Russian alphabet, A is the first word and Я is the last. Makigami explained that the name of the trio also implies, to represent "everything between the two - everything between the beginning and the end".

So what is the music like? I would like to describe it as "spacious," in a good sense. The music sounds like the wind through vast plain, and there is nothing plastic here.

Although many instruments of traditional origin were used, this is not traditional music of any kind. All the composition are original written by its members, and certainly it sounds contemporary.

A partnership between Makigami and Bairyshev started in 1998. They happened to meet in a music festival in Austria and played together. They immediately hit it off, and the collaboration began. Bairyshev visited Japan in 2000 for the first time under the arrangement by Makigami, and since then he frequently came and performed in the country. In 2007 Sato joined the duo and AЯ was born.

Recently the trio toured Japan in March and April. And this summer they have just completed a tour in Altai, including a concert date in Gorno-Altaysk, the capital city of the republic.

Available via amazon.com on CD and mp3

AЯ in Altai

There is a newspaper article in Altai reporting the trio's tour. Google translation is here.

Ano Sora ("The Sky")

Words & Music - Makigami

In the sky
In the sky

There was something that wandered in the sky
met a probable god here


It was written on the air above water

There was something that veered off the road
met a mere, natural pebble here

In the dream
In the dream

What a surprise
What a surprise

In the sky
In the sky

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