Oct 21, 2010

Kuro Yagi Shiro Yagi teams up with Umezu, Douguchi and Eleonola

"Another World Of Hikashu" is a concert series which aim is to introduce various projects from the members to royal audience of the band. The fifth installment will be held next week, and this time the event features Kuro Yagi Shiro Yagi, an improvisational bass and drum duo from the band's rhythm section.

The series usually brings in some guests. This time, saxophonist Umezu Kazutoki and actress Douguchi Yoriko are to make an appearance on the date. Umezu have performed with Hikashu many times in the past and Douguchi regularly plays with the Sakaide-Sato team in her uklele outfit, Paititi.

Also, the duo is to organize an event in November. It is called "RIZM" and it features a guest, Emi Eleonola.

Eleonola is known to be the front person of the band called Demi Semi Quaver, and she is just une chanteuse extraordinaire. Her singing style, which is to improvise interminably using made-up language, is something to see.

Demi Semi Quaver - Aozora (Blue Sky) PV

Another World of Hikashu #5:
Kuro Yagi Shiro Yagi
Sato Masaharu (percussion, sampler, voice), Sakaide Masami (bass, laptop)
guest: Umezu Kazutoki (reeds), Douguchi Yoriko (vocal)
October 27, 2010
@ Aoyama CAY, Tokyo
open 19:00, start 20:00
advance 3,500 yen - at door 4,000 yen
Aoyama CAY website

Aoyama CAY

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Kuro Yagi Shiro Yagi presents "RIZM"
Kuro Yagi Shiro Yagi:
Sato Masaharu (percussion, sampler, voice), Sakaide Masami (bass, laptop)
guest: Emi Eleonola (vocal, accordion)
November 13, 2010
@ 3.2.8
Nishiazabu, Tokyo
open 20:00
at door 2,500 yen (one drink order minimum)
3.2.8 website (Japanese)

Nishiazabu 3.2.8

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