Dec 31, 2010

It's been a great year

Hikashu, 2010. From left to right: Sato Masaharu, Sakaide Masami, Mita Freeman, Shimizu Kazuto, and Makigami Koichi.

At the year's closing, I would like to express my gratitude for all the visitors.

Since August 2009, this blog has been visited from 59 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Russia, France, Italy, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, et al. Thank you all.

2010 is a great year for Hikashu fans.

As of release, we have three reissues. "1978" and "Watashi No Tanoshimi" had never reissued before, and "Ningen No Kao" had been out of print for years. Now they are back in print, as remastered edition, and welcoming addition to the catalog.

The reissue project continues to the coming year. Right now, Makigami expressed that the band is considering "Hikashu Super Two" (a compilation of singles and rare recording) and much-awaited "Uwasa No Jinrui" for 2011.

And new ones. The mastering of the "Nikoselon Three" EP is now completed and is waiting to be released on January 25, 2011. The new album is now in works too.

As of live concerts, the fuji rock appearance was absolutely splendid. They performed superbly and proved themselves again being a strong live act.

And the December concert with Inoyama Land and Kinoco Hotel was very vital and really one of a kind (Marianne Shinonome from Kinoco Hotel made a guest appearance at the Hikashu's set and provided hell of screams in "Yochu No Kiki"). The "Intimate Hikashu" concert at Yokohama Airegin was also important. It filled with improvisation and showed a refreshing approach. The regular dates at Kichijoji Star Pine's Cafe were always great and never fall short of expectations from the audience.

There are already some dates announced for 2011 and we can expect them being an active live ensemble in the coming year.

Let's hope 2011 will be a fruitful year for all of us.

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