Dec 24, 2010

Kinoco Hotel

Kinoco Hotel is an all-female rock band formed in June 2007 and they are going to play at the Hikashu's concert on December 26 as an opening act. Its members are Marianne Shinonome (vocal, organ), Isabelle-Keme Kamogawa (guitar), Emmanuel Kominato (bass) and Fabienne Inawashiro (drums).

Being distinctive with its look and sound with organ and fuzz guitar, Kinoco Hotel (Kinoco means "Mushroom" in Japanese) is soon recognized as an emerging new act and landed a contract with major label, Tokuma Japan Communications. Their first album entitled "Marianne no Yuutsu" ["The Melancholy of Marianne"] was released in February 2010.

Actually, they are a concept band. All the members conceal their real identities and are playing some characters instead. The concept is that they are all working for an imaginary accomodation facility called Kinoco Hotel, which Marianne Shinonome is "the manager."

Shinonome, the leader, is known to be a fan of Hikashu so naturally she is quite motivated playing with the band.

Kinoco Hotel - "Moetsuki Taino" ("Wanna Get Fired Up") PV

Kinoco Hotel - "Mayonaka No Angel Baby" ("Angel Baby in Midnight") PV

Kinoco Hotel - "Moetsuki Taino"

Their first major TV appearance.

The album "Marianne no Yuutsu" is now available via HMV Japan.

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