Oct 6, 2013

Aoyama Shock Fes.

Next day after the Yokohama-Shibuya gigs, Hikashu will perform at a festival called Aoyama Shock Fes. It's held at a club called Moonromantic of Aoyama, Tokyo, and their appearance will be last, starts at 21:05.

The fes is showcase event organized by the venue, and the line-up is surely interesting. Curiously, there is no so-called "veteran act" except Hikashu. Anyway, it's a nice opportunity to experience for yourself the great diversity of music scene in Tokyo at very afforable price so should not be missed.

October 14, 2013
"Aoyama Shock Fes."
@ Moonromantic
(Tsuki Miru Kimi wo Omou)
Aoyama, Tokyo
Acts: Hikashu, Skirt, Kan Roy + Wada Ei, Ohmori Yasuko and the Pink Tokaref, Bricorage, Twi, and others
open 15:00 - start 15:30
(Hikashu 21:05-21:50)
2,500 yen


Moonromantic (Tsuki Miru Kimi wo Omou), Aoyama, Tokyo

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