Oct 7, 2013

FOOD (Iain Ballamy, Thomas Strønen) featuring Christian Fennesz Japan Tour 2013

November 15 - Christian Fennesz had to cancel the tour due to injury. See here for details.

Makigami Koichi organized a Japan tour of Food, the unit of improvised music which is consisted of Iain Ballamy on saxophone and Thomas Strønen on percussion, in November. The guest for the tour is Chrstian Fennesz, the guitarist who is also known as a collaborator of Sakamoto Ryuichi. Makigami himself will join the performance for some dates.

The dates are as follows:

November 15 - Roppongi Super Deluxe, Tokyo
November 16 - Coo, Sapporo
November 19 - Zo No Hana Terace, Yokohama
November 20 - Tokuzo, Nagoya
November 22 - Soma, Osaka
November 23 - Assembly Hall, Osaka University
November 25 - Rag, Kyoto

This is the second time for them to tour Japan. Last tour, which was held in autumn 2011, their distinctive sound was quite appreciated by even keen audiences for electric jazz. The participation of a noted guitarist Christian Fennesz is interesting as well.

Food's newest release is an album called "Mercurial Balm" on German ECM label.

November 15, 2013
@ Super Deluxe
Roppongi, Tokyo
other act: Kafka Ken (Jim O'Rourke - guitar, Ishibashi Eiko - keyboard, Yamamoto Tatsuhisa - drums)


Super Deluxe, Roppongi, Tokyo

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November 16, 2013
@ Coo
open 18:30 - start 19:00
adv 3,500 yen - at door 4,000 yen
contact: NMA
nma-1983@mbr.nifty.com tel 011-742-3458


Coo, Sapporo

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November 19, 2013
@ Zouno Hana Terrace [Elephant's Nose Terrace]
tel 045-661-0602 - fax 045-661-0603


Zouno Hana Terrace, Yokohama

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November 20, 2013
@ Tokuzo
open 18:30 - start 19:30
adv 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen
Ticket Pia code 213-256


Tokuzo, Nagoya

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November 22, 2013
@ Soma
Open 19:00 - start 19:30
other acts: Mayonaka [Midnight] (Makigami Koichi - voice, Janmah Shimamura - guitar), Oorutaichi + Utamo
tel 06-6212-2253 fax 06-6212-2254


Soma, Osaka

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November 23, 2013
@ Assembly Hall
Toyonaka Campus
Osaka University, Osaka
Open 16:30 - start 17:00
reference: Musicologist Office, The School of Literature, Osaka University


Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University

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November 25, 2013
@ Rag
Open 18:00 - start 19:30
adv 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen
other act: Mayonaka [Midnight] (Makigami Koichi - voice, Janmah Shimamura - guitar)


Rag, Kyoyo

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