Oct 16, 2013

Makigami Koichi will appear in Jyderup, Denmark late this month

Apparently people in Denmark favors Makigami Koichi so much, because they have invited him to their beautiful country three times in this year.

Makigami Koichi will appear at the event called ACCORDEON TRÆF (Accordeon hit) which will be held in Jyderup, Denmark late this month.

It's still unknown to us what it is all about exactly because its official site is written in Danish (of course), but it looks like a weeklong series of lecture or workshop about art, held at Jyderup University. The line-up of the lecturer is quite impressive - Wadada Leo Smith, Joel Futterman, Kidd Jordan, Mat Maneri, Randy Peterson, and others. And Makigami is one of them as well.

The event begins on October 28 and closes on November 2. We don't know if they still accept applications, so if you are interested, try to contact them via website.

Official website

Official website (in English via Google Translate)

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