Jan 20, 2010

the release date of 1978

Bridge Inc., the distributor of recent Hikashu releases, just announced the release date of the 1978 reissue is March 21st, 2010. Difference with the original issue? Cardboard sleeve, and bonus track.

Most of the songs are the same with the first album, so some familiarity with the album is desirable if you want to enjoy the 1978 album to the fullest. You would be surprised.

Hikashu / Reissue campaign page on Bridge Inc. site


  1. Awesome! Now if only we could get the third album rereleased, along with the rest of the catalog...

  2. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the third album would be reissued soon. Toshiba-EMI put out that album (remastered cd with cardboard sleeve) as limited edition in 2003, which is now out of print. It would be rereleased at some stage, but not in near future.

    Unlike the reissues from Bridge Inc., the remastering of the 2003 edition is not under the group's supervision, and Makigami expressed he would really like to do remastering the album for themselves.

  3. oh well, i have the vinyl so that'll do for now.