Jan 5, 2010

Ten Ten Ten (2009)

At last, the new album from Hikashu is released. It was called Ten Ten Ten, and a sequel of the Ten Ten album, released in 2006.

But there is some difference between them. First of all, Ten Ten Ten is not entirely improvisational, while Ten Ten is.

Unfortunately, there is no specific recording data available, but we can assume most of the tracks are from the Ten Ten sessions in 2005, plus some overdubbing. Also some of them were newly recorded in 2009. Apparently, Nikoseron and Utorius are among them.

Nikoseron, the opening track, is a sort of funk. Speaking of Hikashu's funk, I remind of "Teicho Na Omotenashi" ("Courteous Hospitality") but Nikoseron is not so deliberately constructed like that. Contrary to that, it is loosely structured, and features bass clarinet, played by Shimizu Kazuto.

Then "The Situation is Absolute" and "Outside, I see you falling" are fierce, high-energy performances.

But there are quieter moments. For example, beautifully-sounded "like the cat at midnight", like a snapshot of a scene in an entrance of a country home "State of Doors", and magnificent "Utorius".

Of course, being an avid fan, I have no intention trashing out any recording from them, but aside from that, I have to say this is quite an impressive, and exciting album. Highly recommended.

Available via HMV Japan.

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