Jan 9, 2010

What we can expect in 2010

According to Makigami, the recent reissues of early albums were sold moderately well, so there would be more titles in future.

Though there is no official announcement at this time, it is likely that the next reissue would be the 1978 album.

And a sequel of Hikashu Super, temporarily titled as Hikashu Super 2, are now in consideration, too. It would be a compilation of single-only sides and other rare tracks. Or maybe we could expect some live recordings.

Also, new things to come.

The group would go back to studio on January and February, and hopefully release new album on March. Apparently, they have already enough material to make an album. Although there is no word about the album itself, I assume that it would be a collection of pre-composed songs plus some improvisation, like the 2008 album, Ikirukoto.

There are no announcement for live performance on January and Februrary, so probably the band would devote themselves those two months for recording. Their next live would be held on March 10th at Star Pines Cafe in Kichijoji.

Let's hope 2010 would be a fruitful year for all of us.

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