Jan 10, 2010

Twin Best - Just Avoid

There is a 2CD compilation of Hikashu called Twin Best. Its selections are from 1st to 3rd albums plus some single-only cuts. It was released by Toshiba EMI, on February 24th, 1999.

Although it is legitimate, I advise you should not get this one. Because it was released without the group's approval, and Makigami simply said "do not buy that thing".

Also, from the fan's standpoint, it lacks appeal and has no merit to own it unless you are diehard collector. All tracks are available elsewhere, the artwork is shabby, and above all else, it doesn't look showing any respect for the group and the recordings. In fact, everything just looks like a terrible hack job, and probably it is. Avoid.


  1. Holy shit!!!!!
    A blog about Hikashu!!!!!!!!

    It's so great to see this. I've love Hikashu, but I know almost nothing about them. Very little written in English about them.

    I've heard twin best. It's a bad compilation. Not worth it.