Jan 12, 2022

LA LA WHAT video


Hikashu just uploaded a video of the title track from their new album "LA LA WHAT".

The instrument Makigami strumming in it is a wooden trumpet from Latvia.

The music itself is from early 1980s - one of the songs prepared for their 1981 album, The Human Being, but unused. Recently Mita discovered the demo. He reworked on it and here is the result.


words - makigami music - mita

Fake over truth
Money over conscience
War took advantage
Defecting to my own room

An evening of folk songs
Singing everyday life
Melodies are a disappointment
Reflections like narcissists

Medding over understanding
Mimicry too descent
Even permafrost melting
Passionately delusion

Reality from afterimage
That girl is a myth buff
The eyes are easily blinded
By media manipulations

jijitsu yorimo feiku
ryoushiki yorimo okane
binjo surunoga senso
jibun no heya ni bomei

kurashi muki wo utau
foku songu no yuube
kitai hazureno merodi
narusisuto meku hansha

rikai yorimo chokkai
bijin sugiru gitai
eikyu toudo mo tokeru
jonetsuteki na sakkaku

zanzo kara no riaru
shinwa suki no anoko
jouhou sousa wa itomo
konome wo mienaku saseru

Jan 4, 2022

New Year "LA LA WHAT" Lucky Bag Campaign


The official Hikashu store has started a lucky bag campaign for commemorating the release of the band's new album, LA LA WHAT. 


There are three packages (all includes "LA LA WHAT" CD) available as follows:

Lucky Bag #1 4 CDs - JPY 10,000 yen plus S&H

  • "Zekkei" CD
  • Other 2 CDs (unselectable)
  • T-Shirt (size: S, M, L, XL)
  • Tenugui (traditional japanese handkerchief, cotton 100%)
  • Sticker (3 pieces)
  • Mini Button Badge

Note: Notify the size of T-Shirt. The color of the items are unselectable.

Lucky Bag #2 "LA LA WHAT" plus some merchantise - JPY 10,000 yen plus S&H

This includes:
  • T-Shirt (size: S, M, L, XL)
  • Socks (size: 23-25 cm or 25-27 cm)
  • Lunch Tote Bag
  • Tenugui (traditional japanese handkerchief, cotton 100%)
  • Mask
  • Sticker (3 pieces)
  • Mini Button Badge
  • Document Holder

Note: Notify the size of T-Shirt and Socks. The color of the items are unselectable.

Lucky Bag #3 "LA LA WHAT" plus some merchantise - JPY 5,000 yen plus S&H

  • T-Shirt (size: S, M, L, XL)
  • Mini Tote Bag
  • Sticker (3 pieces)
  • Key Holder
  • Mini Button Badge

Note: Notify the size of T-Shirt. The color of the items are unselectable.

This is quite a bargain, but again, the campaign will be ended on January 15 (jpn standard time) so better hurry getting it. The store generally accepts international order and all you need for ordering is PayPal account, but in case of you have some worries (for example, the store could process orders in Japanese language only) we're happy to help you. Just tell us what you want via the contact form in the sidebar so we can work it out. Thank you.

Jan 3, 2022

Experience the DSD Sound - Listening "LA LA WHAT" in High Resolution Audio


Hikashu has been releasing a high-resolution edition of original albums since 2011 Uragoe. This month, there is a public event listening to the high audio version of their new album, LA LA WHAT. DSD is the format Hikashu using for their high definition audio works.

Direct Stream Digital - wikipedia

The participants of the event are Makigami Koichi, Sakaide Masami and Ono Seigen from Saidera Mastering. Sakaide is recorded and mixed the album, and Ono took charge of DSD mastering.

The location is Haremame, abbreviating Haretara Sora Ni Sora Maite, which is a venue in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

For LA LA What, Sakaide mixed the DSD audio using KORG Nu 1 in 11MHz, then Ono did 11MHz DSD mastering through analog process. At the event, the audio is played through the house PA, Meyer Sound Ultra series UPA-1A.

It is a precious opportunity to listening to high resolution audio through PA systems of a dedicated live music venue, in high volume. Especially improvised music. So do not miss it if you interested.

Saidera Mastering commented for LA LA WHAT: "High resolution audio is quite a suitable for improvising music. DSD 11.2 MHz. It makes clear that each instrument has different sounds. Apertures and images of sound could be heard precisely."

January 23, 2022
Ono Seigen and Haremame present Hikashu Listening Party - "LA LA WHAT" in DSD audio
@ Haremame (Haretara Sora Ni Mame Maite)
Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo
open 16:30 - start 17:30
adv 2,000 yen - at door 2,500 yen

Jan 2, 2022

Hikashu Monthly Concert 2022

Hikashu has been helding a monthly concert series at Star Pine's Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo, and it continues. Now it's 4th year. The schedule is as follows:

January 25, Tuesday

February 17, Thursday

March 9, Wednesday

April 22, Friday

May 27, Friday

June 27, Monday

July 21, Thursday

August 26, Friday

September 22, Thursday

October 26, Wednesday

November 25, Friday

December 30, Friday

Hikashu Monthly Concert Series 2022

@ Star Pine's Cafe

Kichijoji, Tokyo

Jan 1, 2022

New Year's Greetings 2022 from Hikashu

Shimizu: Hi. Thank you all and Happy New Year. As ever I play music this year so come and see us. Thanks again.

Sato: Hikashu will continue the monthly concert series at Star Pine's Cafe this year. Also with Harada Daijiro (actor), I'll perform a music and reading event in February 22-23 at the same venue. This is based on "Ten Nights' Dream" by Natsume Soseki. It's not just a reading with musical accompaniment but a duo performance of reading and live music. So check it out too.

Mita: Happy new year 2022. Hikashu will perform at Star Pine's Cafe every month this year and also I'm thinking some things to do as solo so stay tuned. No one know what lies ahead so enjoy the moment. Thank you. Period.

Sakaide: Happy New Year. 2022. So much of 2. Well, I have some perception that things are gradually changing these days and this year will be great one. I keep on making and performing music. That's what I'm thinking right now. I wish you all the best. Thank you.

Makigami: Happy New Year. 2022 has come. This two years everybody has been struggling and having some hardships. I hope things unfortunate out there getting better. And Hikashu will continue the monthly concert series in 2022, now it's 4th year. So see you all at the venue.

Dec 31, 2021

Hikashu - LA LA WHAT (2021)

Hikashu- LA LA WHAT

1. Ooraka Na Yokan - Vague Premonition 
3. Chim-pi-si and Randevous 
4. The Lie of Life 
5. Astral Projection around Tokyo 
6. Flying insect feast (Geosmin) 
7. Unfortunate Blues 
8. Are you dreaming? 
9. Straddle a Thick Rainbow 
10. Hidden Treasures 
11. Born from the crotch of a tree (Last sense of humanity)

lyrics - Makigami
music - Makigami (1), Mita (2, 5, 7), Sakaide (3, 8, 10), Hikashu (4, 6, 9, 11) 

produced by Makigami Koichi 
recorded and mixed by Sakaide Masami at 1714 Studio, Atami and IGO Studio, Tokyo 
mastered by Ono Seigen at Saidera Mastering 
cover art by Sakabashira Imiri 
design by Ouchi Tomonori 

released on December 8, 2021 

During this year, Hikashu has been steadily active, despite the pandemic. Monthly concert at Star Pine's Cafe of Tokyo since the last year was continued, so they could retain their chops. Also concurrently working in studio, the result is this album.
Available through the official site (jpn) or HMV Japan (eng).

Jan 1, 2021

Hikashu Monthly Concert 2021


Since 2019, Hikashu has been holding a concert once in every month at Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo. And last month the band announced that the series will continue this year. The projected dates are:

January 25 "Birth"
February 26 "Enchant"
March 22 "Thought"
April 20 "Outgrow"
May 26 "Leap"
June 25 "Circumvent"
July 14 "Pleasure"
August 13 "Crossing"
September 27 "Reverie"
October 26 "Transform"
November 14 "Supernatural"
December 28 "Overview"

As shown above, each month has its title. The exact meanings of them are not disclosed but it's safe to say that they are just a bunch of imagery. Anyway, the series will be started on January 25, Makigami's birthday, and we fans eagerly anticipate what kind of joy the band will bring to us. Happy new year and best wishes to all.