Jan 1, 2021

Hikashu Monthly Concert 2021


Since 2019, Hikashu has been holding a concert once in every month at Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo. And last month the band announced that the series will continue this year. The projected dates are:

January 25 "Birth"
February 26 "Enchant"
March 22 "Thought"
April 20 "Outgrow"
May 26 "Leap"
June 25 "Circumvent"
July 14 "Pleasure"
August 13 "Crossing"
September 27 "Reverie"
October 26 "Transform"
November 14 "Supernatural"
December 28 "Overview"

As shown above, each month has its title. The exact meanings of them are not disclosed but it's safe to say that they are just a bunch of imagery. Anyway, the series will be started on January 25, Makigami's birthday, and we fans eagerly anticipate what kind of joy the band will bring to us. Happy new year and best wishes to all.