Jun 17, 2018

"Shelfish Shellfish" video

There's a video "Shelfish Shellfish" (Tsubuyaku Kai), a selection from Hikashu's latest, Anguri.

The video iself is presumably shot during their recent tour in Russia.

Jun 13, 2018

Sakaide Masami 60th birthday concert series June 26-29 2018

Sakaide Masami, Hikashu's bass player, turns 60 years old this month, and for commemorating it there will be held a 4-days concert series on June 26-28 at his hometown, Seijo.

Sakaide's activities are quite diverse: He regularly plays with several rock bands, collaborating with contemporary dancers and theatre as a sound designer, and recording other artists as an engineer and producer. That's why such a long event is prepared for representing his current career.

Of course we all know he joined Hikashu in 1982 and has been with the group since then. Their appearance is the last day of the series and plans to play only his compositions.

The line-up are:

June 26 Kuroyagi Shiroyagi (with Sato Masaharu), Paititi (Douguchi Yoriko, Ishida Hidenori), Takemoto Kazuko
June 27 Aimai Chudoku, Pinocchio, midoriningen, Sakaide solo
June 28 Naomi Milian, Kusakabe Yasuo, Kurata Midori, Watanabe Mika, Sakaide Masami
June 29 Hikashu

June 26-29, 2018
"Sakaide Masami 60th birthday concert series"
@ Atelier Q
Seijo, Tokyo
open 19:00 - start 19:30
4,000 yen

Atelier Q, Seijo, Tokyo