Jan 25, 2016

Celebration - pictures from the Makigami @ 60 concert series

Today Makigami Koichi has turned 60 years old. He has been quite busy these days because fans, friends and fellow musicians gathered to celebrate the exceptional artist. To glimpse what was going on, see the following pics from SNS. Congratulations!

Jan 13, 2016

"Makigami at 60" concert series January 15-21 & 24, 2016

This month Makigami Koichi turns 60. Commemorating this, there are eight concerts held at two venues in Tokyo with lots of guest imcluding two evenings of Hikashu.

<< Concert Week January 15-21 @ Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo >>
January 15 - Jinta-ra Mvta, Byakuren, Chiku Toshiaki
January 16 - Hikashu with Inoyama Land and Ohta Keisuke
January 17 - Hikashu with Tokumaru Shugo
January 18 - Cho-Kayo Session (the great Japanese songbook) - Altered States, Shika Udai and Sato Yoshiaki
January 19 - Jazz Art and Absolute Pop - Umezu Kazutoki, Fujiwara Kiyoto, Shimizu Kazuto, Chocolat & Akito
January 20 - An evening of Khoomei and Drombo - Naokawa Reo, Yamakawa Fuyuki, Obiki Hiroshi and others
January 21 - Improvisation and traditional Japanese music - Sakamoto Hiromichi, Yanagiya Koharu, Chikotsu, Jammah Shimamura, Naito Tetsuro

<< Grand finale - duo and trio @ Unit, Daikanyama, Tokyo >>
January 24 - Makigami & EY∃, Makigami & Tanaka Min, Makigami Santachi, and Kafka Ibiki

Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo

Unit, Daikanyama, Tokyo