Dec 31, 2021

Hikashu - LA LA WHAT (2021)

Hikashu- LA LA WHAT

1. Ooraka Na Yokan - Vague Premonition 
3. Chim-pi-si and Randevous 
4. The Lie of Life 
5. Astral Projection around Tokyo 
6. Flying insect feast (Geosmin) 
7. Unfortunate Blues 
8. Are you dreaming? 
9. Straddle a Thick Rainbow 
10. Hidden Treasures 
11. Born from the crotch of a tree (Last sense of humanity)

lyrics - Makigami
music - Makigami (1), Mita (2, 5, 7), Sakaide (3, 8, 10), Hikashu (4, 6, 9, 11) 

produced by Makigami Koichi 
recorded and mixed by Sakaide Masami at 1714 Studio, Atami and IGO Studio, Tokyo 
mastered by Ono Seigen at Saidera Mastering 
cover art by Sakabashira Imiri 
design by Ouchi Tomonori 

released on December 8, 2021 

During this year, Hikashu has been steadily active, despite the pandemic. Monthly concert at Star Pine's Cafe of Tokyo since the last year was continued, so they could retain their chops. Also concurrently working in studio, the result is this album.
Available through the official site (jpn) or HMV Japan (eng).