Sep 30, 2020

Makigamisantachi - Gaburi & Zorori (2020)


Makigamisantachi is a trio of electro improvisational music, consisted with the members of Hikashu. They formed in late 1990s and released debut album in 2005. They continue to exist today, performing sporadically, and now the sphomore release has come this year, the first in 15 years.

The album was edited and constructed from two concerts held in 2016. Regarding the title, both "Gaburi" and "Zorori" is onomatopoeia in Japanese language, the former is "bite," and the latter is "crawl."

All in all, an unexpected and welcoming release from this idiosyncratic group.

Makigamisantachi - Gaburi & Zorori (2020)

1. Water Pillow

2. Gaburi

3. Thundering

4. Tunnel of Rainy Season

5. Fry in the Night

6. Beautiful Eye

7. Rain of Trifoliate Orange

8. Shining Lizard

9. Flower of Pumpkin

10. Galaxy Standing Absently

11. Whole Body of Ox

12. Being Stomped by Rainbow

13. After All

14. What to Be Idiosyncratic

15. Theory of Crayfish

16. Orangish Green

17. Trying to Conceal

18. Owl's Remove

19. A Crystal Sings

20. Sheep Making Rust

21. Zorori

recorded at Airgin, Yokohama on May 5, 2016 and Daikanyama Unit on January 24, 2016.


Makigami (theremin)

Freeman (guitar)

Sakaide (bass)

cover art: Isono Yoko

running time: 50 minutes

Makigami Records mkr-0015

July 2020 release