Aug 17, 2011

DOM in Moscow

On September 23, Hikashu will perform at the DOM cultural center in Moscow, Russia.

There is already a notification of the event in the center's site: (Russian) (English)

DOM was founded in May 1999. Its aim is to present performing arts, especially avant-garde and ethnic music.

In November 2000, Makigami Koichi performed there as a duo with a pianist Hojito Ryoji. It turned out quite a success, much-acclaimed performance. In 2002, the recording from the concert was released as an album called "Idu Tuda - Over That Way" by Long Arm, the recording company based in Moscow.

Idu Tuda - Makigami Koichi & Hojito Ryoji

There is an article in English about the history of the center by a DOM's staff:

Official culture centers of parallel cultural activity

To the fans in Europe: How about considering to attend the DOM show? Moscow could be reached by about 4-hours flight from most major cities in Europe. It's uncertain when the band come to Europe next time and it's a nice chance to see them in action.

DOM Cultural Center
Bolshoi Ovchinnikovsky Pereulok, 24,
building 4
113184 Moscow
Tel: 7 095 953 72 36
Fax: 7 095 953 72 42

DOM Cultural Center, Moscow

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Aug 16, 2011

The reissue project reconvenes

Since the re-release of the remastered "Ningen No Kao" album last December, there has been no release from the band. And finally we'll see some, very interesting material.

The reissue project of Hikashu will reopen this fall and it's going to be a huge deal. Three albums have already been remastered and now waiting to be released.

In October, the "Kawatteru" will be reissued. Originally released in 1996, it's a sort of the best album, the popular tunes of the band were re-recorded with new arrangement, and some of them were drastically altered. It contains "Pike" "Ningen No Kao" "At the End of the 20th Century" "Teicho Na Omotenashi (Courteous Hospitality)", "Biro Biro" et al. It's notable that it comes with a booklet containing English translation of the lyrics.

The other two titles are also to be out later this year.

"Hanauta Hajime" is the album originally released in 1991 and features the original version of the ever-popular track, "Biro Biro." It's very jazzy album, and filled with ungrounded, impenetrable happiness. Pastoral. Or some might feel it's euphoric. Anyway, this is their representative piece of work in 1990s, so you have to get a copy.

"Teicho Na Omotenashi" is the 1990 effort and it opens with a 5-minutes totally improvisational piece of music called "Kashiwade" (The Clap). The title track is a very tight, immaculately constructive funk tune, penned by Mitama Masamichi. An album cut "Chimera" set the album's tone - dark, serious and monotonous, in a good sense. Also "Daikoukai" (The Grand Voyage), written by Inoue Makoto, is outstanding - its grandiosity only rivals to "Nihon No Egao," the other masterpiece of Mr. Inoue.

Of course, all the titles are remastered by Ono Seigen under the supervision of the members and come with a cardboard paper sleeve.

Those 1990s albums are hard to find for a while and it's advisable to get them as soon as possible. In fact, some recent reissues are now scarce and not available, especially the "Hikashu Super" album (Fortunately, the album is going to be pressed again but it takes some time.) So get them while supplies last.

Aug 15, 2011

The Russia-Siberia Tour

It's official. Hikashu just announced that they set to embark on a Siberia tour at the end of this summer. The dates are:

September 23 - DOM, Moscow (guest: Alexey Aygi on violin)
September 27 - Kyzyl, Tuva (guest: the Masters of Khoomei)
September 30 - Altai (with Bolot Bairyshev)
October 1 - The National Drama Theatre, Gorno-Altaisk, Altai (with Bolot Bairyshev)
October 3 - a camping site near Gorno-Altaisk, Altai (the band will perform at a cultural event as guest)
October 4 - Club Agarta, Balnaul (with Bolot Bairyshev) venue info
October 5 - Club Tass, Novosibirsk (with Bolot Bairyshev) venue info

(note: the tour info updated on September 14)

This is the first time to be in Russia for the band. Makigami has been visiting the Siberia region every year since early 1990s, but the band themselves have never been in the country.

It's also the first time for the band to play with throat-singers. Especially a gig with Bolot Bairyshev is notable. He has been a frequent collaborator with Makigami and Sato for years, and throughly interesting to see him perform with the band. It's gonna be a majestic show.

Take the opportunity and experience the band!

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