Dec 31, 2014



Dec 4, 2014

Hikashu Christmas Concert 2014 @ Daikanyama Unit, Tokyo on December 23

Since 2008, Hikashu has been holding concert series late December every year. Now it becomes a kind of ritual where fans throughout the country come to attend.

It draws crowd and it's understandable because a lot of bright moments happened there. For example, last year the Plastics appeared. They did a full set, 90 minutes with an encore, and their performance was utterly impressive. And this year's event also has a special guest; Togawa Jun.

Togawa Jun

In 1980, Togawa came to the scene as a vocalist of Guernica, a group led by a noted composer and keyboard player Ueno Koji. Her presence was outstanding, and she became one of the representative chanteuses of Japanese new wave movement, along with Phew (of Aunt Sally) and Ogawa Mishio (of Chakra).

Actually, Hikashu and Guernica used to mingle. In fact, both Ueno and Togawa have participated in recording sessions of Hikashu. Unfortunately, Guernica ceased to exist in 1982 and Togawa went solo. (There was a short reunion in late 80s.)

This year's event is special because this is the first time for Hikashu and Togawa performing together in public since 1982. 32 years ago! There was a double-bill concert of Hikashu and Guernica at Studio Alta, Shinjuku, Tokyo on December 31, 1982 so that is the last time, until now.

Studio Alta is located at the 7th floor of
 a shopping mall called Shinjuku Alta built in 1980, still in operation

There is one more important thing about the Shinjuku Alta concert for Hikashu's history because it is the first gig ever bass player Sakaide Masami performing in the band. Since then, he's been with them.

Sakaide Masami

Regarding this year's concert, there are other notable guests. Okuma Wataru is a clarinet player who's also the leader of an ensemble called Cicara-Mvta.

Tatsumi Kogoro is a trumpeter who has played with Shibusashirazu Orchestra and others.

Hayashi is a guitarist-vocalist of an electro-pop band Polysics.

Moreover, there is a DJ set by Nanawo.

This year's event is billed as "Hikashu's Christmas Expedition of the Terra Incognita." Surely it sounds like a pretty exotic and exciting place to be. Let's join the ride.

"Hikashu's Christmas Expedition of the Terra Incognita"
December 23, 2014
@ Daikanyama Unit
Daikanyama, Tokyo
guest: Togawa Jun (vocals), Okuma Wataru (clarinet), Tatsumi Kogoro (trumpet), Hayashi (guitar, vocals), Nanawo (DJ)
open 17:30 - start 18:30
4,000 yen
ticket available at Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, eplus, ganban

Unit, Daikanyama, Tokyo

Dec 2, 2014

The Peggies invite Hikashu

 The Peggies

On December 4, Hikashu will perform at WWW in Shibuya, Tokyo. They are invited to play, as a guest, at a gig of the Peggies, a girls band just released their first album.

December 4, 2014
Shibuya, Tokyo
open 18:30 - start 19:00
adv 2,500 yen - at door 3,000 yen
ticket available at Lawson Ticket, and eplus

WWW, Shibuya, Tokyo