Dec 19, 2013

The Plastics announced line-up and set list on December 23

The Plastics - from left to right: linda dada, Shima Takemi, 
Nakanishi Toshio, Sakuma Otoya, Tachibana Hajime

The Plastics just announced that line-up and set list for the double-bill concert with Hikashu on December 23, 2003 at Daikanyama UNIT, Tokyo.

Of course, all the original member will be present - except Chika. Unfortunately, she'll not be there. And her replacement is linda dada, a vocalist and drummer from a band called N' Ninagawa Boys. Moreover, Sakuma Otoya, a son of Sakuma Masahide, will join as a keyboard player. Also there are several supporting musicians.

The Plastics:

Nakanishi Toshio - vocals, guitar
Tachibana Hajime - guitar
Sakuma Masahide - keyboard, guitar
Shima Takemi - rhythm box, guitar
Sakuma Otoya - keyboard
linda dada - vocals


Yamakawa Fuyuki - khoomei
Hayashi Mio - oboe
momo - keyboard

Sakuma Masahide

linda dada

The Plastics are supposed to play over one hour. The set list is as follows:

02. COPY
07. GOOD
10. INST
12. CARS
      and others

How about this? Quite interesting. And as for Hikashu's set, Umezu Kazutoki will join on saxophone.

So on this gig, you will probably see four groups - The Original Hikashu featuring Makigami Koichi on bass and vocals (they'll play first), The Plastics, Hikashu with Umezu Kazutoki, and naturally, all the musicians will be back to play together for encore. What they will actually play is anyone's guess.

So now you know it's destined to be once in a lifetime thing. Do not miss it.

The Plastics and Hikashu circa 1980 (source: Inoue's twitter)

Dec 14, 2013

There will be another release this month, in time for christmas

Hear, hear. Besides "Bankan" (that's utterly exciting - go buy a copy if you don't yet), Hikashu has prepared another release this month for us mere mortals. It's called "Chakra Biraki" [Chakra Opening], a sort of mini-album which has five tracks (about 25 minutes), and features dynamic sisters duo Charan Po Rantan on the first two tracks. The release date is December 25.

Prior to the release date, this disc will be sold at the Christmas concert on December 22 and 23 at Daikanyama Unit, Tokyo. Get while it's hot.

HMV Japan takes pre-order and ships worldwide. See here for details.

Dec 10, 2013

Bankan artwork and tracklist

Hikashu - Bankan

1. Me to Me no Net [Eyes and the Net]
2. Nanoka Douka [Is That It, or Not]
3. Nabokov no chou [Nabokov's Butterflies]
4. Niwatori Tonda [Chickens Fly]
5. Inori No Color [The Color of Prayer]
6. Nyoki Nyoki Haetekita [Sprouting Up]
7. Ningen Ni Kaeritai [Rehumanize]
8. Moshi Moshi ga [If and If]
9. Mijime Na Puppet [A Miserable Puppet]
10. Mienai Kankei (Juden Shiteru) [Invisible Relationship (It's charging)]
11. Sonotsumori [With That Intention]

duration: 53' 56"

Makigami Koichi - vocals, theremin, cornet, shakuhachi, jaw harp
Mita Freeman - guitar, chorus
Sakaide Masami - bass, chorus
Shimizu Kazuto - piano, synthesizer, bass clarinet, marimba
Sato Masaharu - drums, chorus

At last! Hikashu new album will be released on December 12, 2013 as scheduled. Go buy it.

Now HMV Japan takes preorders and ships worldwide. here