Dec 25, 2009


I'm kinda in hurry so have to be short. Hikashu will perform at Shibuya Quatro on December 26th. Guests are Inoue Makoto (synthesizer), Yamashita Yasushi (synthesizer), and Tobe Satoshi (alto saxophone, vocal). Yes, the original Hikashu's reunion. And Chikada Haruo, who was the producer for Hikashu's 1st and 2nd album, and Soutaisei Riron (the band), also will participate. Surely, this is going to be a special night.

Dec 23, 2009

Ono Seigen praised Hikashu

(the photo from Saidera Paradiso web site)

While I haven't a chance to listen to it yet, Ten Ten Ten already starts earning some reputation. For example, at Jazz Tokyo (the popular jazz site), Ono Seigen picked it up for the album of the year.

Ono, the internationally renowned musician and recording engineer, did the mastering of the album (and the Gaspacho single). And he commented that, because of his job, he listened a lot of records, and Ten Ten Ten is exceptional, far superior from the rest.

He also witnessed the Hikashu's performance in Shibuya last October, and quite impressed.

He expressed that he will use some excerpts of the album for his presentation at industry conventions.

Saidera Paradiso
Seigen Ono on MySpace

Dec 22, 2009

Love Treatment

"Electric Merry Christmas Final"
at Ikebukuro Live-Inn Rosa
On December 5th, 2009 (the day one)

Hikashu appeared as the last act of the day.

As usual, the band kicked out their set by Ikirukoto. The biggest surprise was Love Treatment. The song, from the first album, rarely played these days. Melancholy in Global City started by short but sharp bass intro, and featured extended jam.

The place was packed and the crowd was enthusiastic. Short (almost an hour) but nice performance.

The photos of the event are here (just scroll it down).

Dec 19, 2009

the Cho-Kayou Concert

Makigami Koichi
the "Cho-Kayou" Concert
at Kichijoji Star Pine's Cafe
on December 3, 2009
Makigami Koichi (vocal), Sato Yoshiaki (accordion), Shika Udai (cello, alto saxophone), Mita Freeman (guitar, vocal), Sakaide Masami (bass), Shimizu Kazuto (piano, keyboard), Sato Masaharu (drums)

It was manifique, memorable night. Although the weather was bad, the atmosphere was quite intimate.

Makigami was with no gadget. No theremin, no cornet. He stood bare, before the microphone, and just used his voice. Also occasionally used Jeu's harp and ukulele.

Lots of very familiar songs were performed. Of course, most of them are from the recently reissued Cho-Kayou albums ("Minzoku no Saiten" and "Koroshi no Blues"), but some numbers were unrecorded yet, or pretty obscure ones. For example, "Heisei Jaran Bushi" and "Karyo-binga", both from the rare 1990 solo single, were chosen. Also, "Soshu Yakyoku" (蘇州夜曲), a 1940 classic song by the great composer, Hattori Koichi were included. In the middle of a song, Makigami did some conduction à la Frank Zappa, and it was nice accent, adding the concert some dynamism. Indeed, it was quite different from ordinary, full-of-nostagia show.

The band was tight. Mita sang the first two verses of "My Blue Heaven" (as the same with the album) so well that Makigami just praised it very much after the performance. Cellist Shika also played alto saxophone. And I found the most noteworthy is Sato's accodion. His play was pretty effective. It enhanced very good, old-timey atmosphere, which was well-suited the situation.

Overall, it was success, and Makigami revealed he intended doing the concert again in near future. Can't wait.

Dec 18, 2009

Makigamisantachi - Tompal (2005)

While waiting for the forthcoming album, just take a look at the thing of the past:

Makigamisantachi - Tompal (2007)

pray for lightning
there is nothing for the world
cactus hat
pretend not know muscles
paint ears
peace my mind
hand of grandson
sway fortune
ant fat
frog star

Makigamisantachi is:
Makigami, voice and theremin
Freeman, guitar and sampler
Sakaide, bass and laptop

This is a sort of precursor for Ten-Ten.

At that time, Makigami just started using Theremin in public. It took him years of preparation, and he formed this group as a kind of proving-ground.

Improvisational electro tracks with guitar and bass. Plus Makigami's voice and theremin. Do not expect this typical electro music. Quite the contrary. Kinda fierce and noisy, lots of interplay. Never dull, very dynamic, and full of instinct. A likeable kind of electro, I'd say. An interesting and fresh approach from Hikashu people.

Makigamisantachi pronounces makigami-san-tachi.

Available via

Dec 8, 2009


Hikashu x Meteor
November 27th, 2009
@ Asakusa Triwood

Hikashu started their set by Mita's singing, accompanied only with his guitar. I don't know what it is but it seems it's very old song.

Also, a tune from the new album were performed. It was called Justrius (sp?). Makigami cited its lyrics, backed with collective improvisation. He said he wrote it in Norway, and the album was still in works.

They did two encores that day. Last encore, the drummer Sato have to leave early so he was not present. The band played "The Curry Master" sans the drummer.

Short but nice set.

Dec 7, 2009

Excerpts from the New Album

On December 1st, Makigami has reported on twitter that the master of the new album, Ten-Ten-Ten, was sent to the pressing factory.
It is going to be released on December 20th.
Hikashu office now accepts pre-order.

You can hear a snippet of the album on Hikashu's MySpace account.
Access here to listen to "Nicoselon."

Also "Melancholy in Global City" from the Gazpaccho single is now available on the account. Here.

Hikashu on MySpace