Aug 11, 2017

Jazz Art Sengawa 2016 digest video

Last week a digest video of Jazz Art Sengawa 2016 uploaded on YouTube. Hikashu's appearance starts at 4:44, performing together with Food, Thomas Strønen on drums, Iain Ballamy on tenor saxophone.

JAZZ ART せんがわ(SENGAWA) 2016 ダイジェスト(Digest)

Jazz Art Sengawa this year will be held on September 14-17 at Sengawa Theatre, Chofu, Tokyo. Hikashu is the last act of the last day, and it has a guest, a young saxophonist from NYC, Chris Pitsiokos.

Jazz Art Sengawa 2017 September 14-17

For other video related to the festival, see the following playlist:
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