Nov 19, 2009

The Band's Name

Here's a little, but very important question for all us fans:

What does the word "Hikashu" mean?

The answer:

No one knows.


The name Hikashu was originally conceived and endowed by an original member, synthesizer player Yamashita Yasushi.

It is not conventional Japanese word. So if you ask it nearby Japanese, you would probably never get any likely answer.

Yamashita has never reveal exactly what it is, and its meaning is still subject to debate among the fans.


  1. One conjecture is that 'hika' means sad songs and 'shu' means a group of persons.
    Another conjecture is that 'hika' means "not a song."

  2. There are some speculations about the name. For example, Shu also means "a collection" so the name might mean "a collection of elegy." And there's an opinion that Hika is derived from a Takemitsu Toru's 1966 composition called "Hika" (it means sad song, or elegy).