Oct 22, 2009


Regarding in-print titles, here I put links to HMV Japan (English page). They provide English service and accept orders from outside Japan. Hope this helps.


Hikashu (1979) HMV Japan
Natsu (1980) HMV Japan
Uwasa No Jinrui (1981) HMV Japan
Hikashu Super (1981) - compilation, including non-album tracks HMV Japan
Nihon No Egao (1984) - 12-inch mini album HMV Japan*
Watashi No Tanoshimi (1984) - music for fashion show HMV Japan
Mizu Ni Nagashite (1984) HMV Japan*
Soba De Yokereba (1985) - music for ballet troupe
Nanimo Kamo Odore (1987) - issued on cassette tape
Ningen No Kao (1988) blog entry HMV Japan
Live (1989)
Teicho Na Omotenashi (1990) HMV Japan
Hanauta Hajime (Humming Soon) (1991) HMV Japan
Acchi No Me, Kocchi No Me (1993) blog entry HMV Japan
Fushigi o Mitsumete [Orguss 02 OST] (1993) - soundtrack for video animation series HMV Japan
1978 (1996) - remaster of early demo blog entry HMV Japan
Kawatteru (1996) - sort of the best album, all the songs are completely re-arranged and re-recorded blog entry HMV Japan
Hikashu History (2001) - compilation of live tracks, demo, tv advertisement, et al. blog entry iTunes amazon mp3
Ten Ten (2006) blog entry HMV Japan
Ikiru Koto (2008) HMV Japan
Ten Ten Ten (2009) blog entry HMV Japan iTunes
Uragoe (2012) blog entry HMV Japan
Bankan (2013) blog entry HMV Japan
Hikashu Super Two (2014) HMV Japan a compilation of rare singles and unreleased recodings
Ikitekoi Chinmoku (2015) HMV Japan
Anguri, in the Style of Unlanding (2017) blog entry HMV Japan
Zekkei (2018) live album recorded in 2016 guest - Hirasawa Susumu, Kera, and Afrirampo
Nariyamazu - Eternal Echoes (2020) blog entry HMV Japan


20 Seiki No Owarini (1979) aka At The End Of The 20th Century blog entry
Shiroi Highway (1980) "White Highway"
Glass No Dance (1980) "Dance On Glass"
Pike (1981) blog entry
Cho Shonen (1981)
Model (1982) - cover of the Kraftwerk song, Japanese lyrics
Watashi Wa Baka Ni Naritai (1983) "I want to be like a fool"
Ningen No Kao (1988)
Nyunen (2007) - maxi single, contains 3 tracks blog entry HMV Japan
Carps And Gazpacho (2009) - maxi single, contains 3 tracks blog entry HMV Japan
Nikoseron Part 3 (2011) blog entry HMV Japan
Chakra Biraki (2013) - 5 track mini-album featuring Charan Po Rantan blog entry HMV Japan

other projects

Makigami Santachi - Tompal (2004) blog entry HMV Japan
Makigami Santachi - Zorori To Gaburi (2020) blog entry HMV Japan

* "Nihon No Egao" and "Mizu Ni Nagashite" are available as 2CD set for the 2008 reissue.


  1. i have

    Hikashu (1979)lp
    Natsu (1980)lp
    Uwasa No Jinrui (1981)lp
    Hikashu Super (1981) - compilation, including non-album tracks lp
    Nihon No Egao (1984) - 12-inch mini album CD
    Watashi No Tanoshimi (1984)CD
    Hikashu History (2001) - compilation of live tracks, demo, commercial, et al.CD
    Ten Ten (2006)CD
    Ikiru Koto (2008)CD
    Nyunen (2007)CD
    the two disc Pre-Hikashu, and the Pike single.

    thanks for your site. Hikashu information is hard to come by and nearly impossible to come by in English.

  2. Thank you very much for kind word. Comments and feedbacks are really appreciated.

    And please, spread the word about the band. They are so great, and should be more widely-known to the foreign audiences.

    By the way, your collection is great. I could understand it is not easy task to get their albums in foreign countries, so do I appreciate the effort. Especially the Pike single, and the Pre-Hikashu album are now hard to find, so keep them safe.

    If you were interested in early Hikashu, 1978 (the album) is the must-have. They were lo-fi before the word was invented! Makigami said recently that the 1978 album will be reissued near future, probably in 2010. I'll write about the reissue when it announced. Thanks again.

  3. I really want to buy Hikashu (1979), digital or physical. I love it. I can only find it on YouTube to listen to right now.